Carpet Portraits

Select your favorite family photo or photo of your beloved pet and commission a one-of-a-kind art Carpet Portrait!


Choose a Size

Custom sizes available upon request


What kind of pictures work best?  Pictures that work best are the kind that you know from memory… family treasures (past or future) that looking at you will instantly know who, what, when. Portrait shots work very well as do candid snapshots that are meaningful to you. Overly complicated/busy images will be simplified to the important elements.

How do you simplify the images?  Images are simplified and boiled down to the basic important elements. If there are parts of your picture that are important but not obvious, please make note of that. Likewise, if there are elements that stick out but you would like removed, please let me know that as well.

Will the colors match? The colors will likely not match. I use collected, found and gathered carpets. The point is not to match precisely but to give the impression of the feel of the color or pattern. It’s amazing how you can date an image from the connected patterns and shapes even when the colors/carpet patterns do not match precisely.

Do you ever do the faces? No. Faces are a whole other ballgame. Part of the magic of these is that the faces are not needed to recognize the person/pet being portrayed. These are not literal representations or copies of photographs. They are interpretations made with carpet. Minute details do not translate well in this medium.

Can we see a mock-up of what it will look like? Yes! I can email you the simplified image showing blocks of color and also just the outline of the shapes. Please note that the color blocks will not exactly represent the carpets (colors or patterns) that will be used but give a general idea. Your approval of the mock-up is required before the project continues.


Can we return portrait once we've received it? Or once work has started on it?  No. All sales are final. Each carpet portrait is unique and custom made based on your personal photos sent in. Because of this and because of the time involved in creating each one, returns are not possible.