The world adjacent

Installation includes:

Forgotten unused space (misplaced through remembering)
Card tables, Dad's old TV tray, found bits, desk lamps, electricity 

An ordinary account of a place with a place
Cardboard boxes, found objects, found remembered sound

Stumbling through faults in time (balance in the fall)
Collected lamps, wood, gravity, electricity, sand bags, found objects, extension cords, stool, braided sheets & plastic bags, found yardsticks & old wallpaper

Found, kept, keeping
Collected jars, string, gravity

Found, kept, letting go (maybe tomorrow)
Collected found objects, string, gravity

Through a bewildering lack of certainty, clarity dawns
Found & kept furniture, carpet, drawers, cushions, metal & wood, mirrors, drywall, lamp, old forever-saved clothes from Aunt Mary, little piece of velvet