Farm tours, from the farms project, ongoing since 2009

I started giving farm tours as I was preparing for the farms project – a long drawn-out future project at the site of my granddad's long uninhabited farm in central Texas, which I've yet been able to officially start. 

Having returned from several long trips (feeling quite the tourist), I began giving these tours of his farm wherever I happened to be. The parking lot of an art center in Hollywood and the historic Deering Estate in Cutler Bay, are two examples. 

It's a proper tour where I guide groups around pointing out certain aspects of the farm telling anecdotes and remembrances along the way.  I may be pointing at a palm tree but we're talking about/seeing the old windmill.  At the end of the tour we take a group photo which I then superimpose onto images from the farm and then post or send to the participants.